Today, besides the fashion style of gentle and feminine dress, stylish dress is also one of the ways of getting much attention from young people. Especially for the girls, the guy likes personality style, strong and way. Not only that, stemming from the thought that I want to reset myself and refresh myself, I also look forward to these dress styles.

Knowing to take advantage of the body’s strengths is one of the most stylish ways to dress . Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of our bodies can help us choose the right items. If you love and be confident with a certain part of your body, take advantage of it and show it off depending on the circumstances.

If you have a slightly low body, don’t be self-deprecating because there are actually many ways to “cheat” the height if we take it hard to find out. Uniform colors, small accessories or pointed-toe nude shoes, plaid clothes are effective beauty tips to help her look taller. In addition, the color consistency on the costumes also “fooled” the eyesight, making you look slimmer.